Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spicy Laos

I arrived in Luang Prabang Laos at 3 o clock this morning, after about 24 hours of travel. 3rd class train- a worthy experience. 12 hour bus ride- broken down, switch to another. Taxi taxi taxi.
But the best part? What makes this all worth it, always? The food! Large italian style loaves of bread awaited us in the first bus terminal!!!! Crispy and crusty the way I love it! What is better then that?! And in the bus terminal of all places?!!? If anything in thailand that was missing is good bread. I grew up italian. You must understand, having no bread is a terrible terrible thing. if you aren't italian you might not understand. However if you are you are then you are nodding your head as you read...

The best food other then the bread i had so far was in actually on the bus trip. Simple noodles and broth. I didn't have my camera out for this one. who knew the bus would stop at such a gem of a stop. Drowsy, still half dreaming we walked out and were fed the most delicious clear broth, vermicelli rice noodles, pork balls and slices of chicken. The cost 2 dollars US. But more important worth the loss of dream time.

Went to the waterfalls today. Ate like a king. Also no food pics here. However fried bannanas here are better then in bangkok. These Kick Ass. Yes kick ass nana's. If you tried them you might cry. I almost did, then walked twenty feet and saw bears. Yeah. Black bears hanging out in a jungle gym.

Got me started singing "the bear necessities" while I ate the bannanas.

I love my life.

I did grab some other pictures of some good eats. First a simple noodle soup. That was my first dinner. Then all you can eat veggie buffet [for a buck fifty US] second dinner. Then a chicken sandwich[about another 2 bucks] on freshly baked baguette- third dinner with a double sized beer. Still off looking for dessert and maybe a fourth dinner tonight. I will post more tomorrow.


  1. wow it all looks was this all one day of eating..or was it spread out?