Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So here is another day- another post.

I love laos Laung Prabang. Quite town. Lots of backpackers here but they are all chill people. Not easy to get here. Slow boat one day or bus 12 hours from the boarder city. Town curfew at 11:30 so it keeps the nights more relaxed then having a heavy party scene. I like this.

I am sitting on the porch, cool air around me writing this post. I want to post more- I have a lot of other pictures. But the internet is slow here. Maybe I will post some "in retrospect" later.
I am also going to try to "caption" the photos a bit. Lets see how this works.

First up Laung Prabong soup. A heavy chicken stock with microgreens. Simple but refreshing and incredible.

David got the pork noodle soup. I tasted it, I was a bit jealous. Lots of pork, lots of roasted garlic. His was cheaper than mine too?
Granted, neither of our dishes was over 2 dollars US.

I am not a huge dessert man. But since traveling I have been getting cravings for sweets. This defiantly hit the spot. [--I wanted everything]

Met for Shabu Shabu with Jon, Cyndi, Cat, and David. We celebrated our friend Cat and John's birthdays. I think they both had birthdays that they will never forget.

I think Cat's face says it all. Its good.

After we were done I was still hungry. 3rd dinner- Also not shown here a nuttela and peanut butter sandwich that I ate now too.

So that was the eatings from two days ago. I am going to try uploading last night's. It may take a whole day to do it though.
I don't know where we are going next. We may try to get into Burma. Any places you think I should go from here? Let me know.



  1. I would love to know what that red raw looking meat is. It really doesn't look cooked. I don't have a problem myself with things that are rare, but I think perhaps I would be a little hesitant there. How is the refrigeration? I know that I am showing my ignorance. Put me up to speed on this please. Is that meat also pork? luv,Bev

  2. @Bev that raw looking meat is strips of beef. Shabu Shabu is where you cook your own food. that metal cone disk, is heated by coals underneath. So yeah the meat is cooked however you like it!