Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Edible photography

I just had a Willy Wonka moment. I wish I could print out photos of food and then be able to eat the photo and have it taste like what's in the picture. Wouldn't that be stupidly incredible? I know they can print photos onto candy paper. But that stuff tastes awful. I don't know if its possible and I certainly can't do it here in laos, but it seems if someone pulled it off--it would be freaking awesome.

Ok heres more food photos. I think I will deversify my postings a bit more soon. Not really sure how or what yet. But get ready it will be fabulous.


  1. You need to label your pix with descriptions of what we're seeing! :-)

  2. This food looks awesome. If you can figure out a way to make that Willy Wonka paper work, let me know. I want to taste this food. It upsets me that I need to settle for deep fried, cheap imitation American versions of Authentic Asian cuisine.

    -Nick B