Friday, March 25, 2011

Blog Update

Hey everyone.

I forgot my adapter to my harddrive an hour away. Silly me. I will post more photos soon, till then here is a quick update.

So back I'm from my little break. I meditated serious for ten days and then straight from that partied hardcore for a week and half on an island beach with thousands of other travelers. Now that I am back and settled in Bangkok I am ready to start posting again. Also, I have a bit more focus. I am going to include tips how to eat street food here in Thailand. Eating street food is exciting but it can be daunting not knowing the language, the food, the customs. Its even been hard for me to learn the curve and I have just dove in and I will eat anything, from organs to chunks of blood[both are delicious btw] Also, a lot of people are scared to eat street food not wanting to get sick, I never really worry about that either, but I also have tips on how not being glued to a toilet for the duration of your trip here. So alongside the pictures of my foodie adventures will be info. Now the pictures and stories will not only make you want to come to thailand, it will be a resource for when when you finally cave and come. [You know you will!]

Alright my friends. Will get those new photos and stories up soon.


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